East LAs' very own 'Clark Kent' goes 2-0

Anthony Herrera is known for his superhuman ablities inside the ring as 'Superman', as well as his cool, calm, and collected 'Clark Kent' alter ego outside of the ring.

His innate ability to capture the attention of the crowd is nothing short of valiant.

Anthony dauntlessly faces every opportunity with fearlessness, courage, and determination making him a true ELITE athlete.

Young & Disciplined

At just twenty-one years of age, Anthony 'Superman' Herrera has conquered many respectable milestones in the sport of boxing.

In 2019, Anthony won his ELITE bout against Diego Roldan from Argentina during the WBC 5th Annual Green Belt Challenge.

He became an Olympic Team Member in 2020 at nineteen years old after being eligible for the Olympic Games Tokyo Boxing Qualification Team.

Anthony "Superman" Herrera returns!

Anthony "Superman" Herrera returns!

by ELITE Garden

2020 USA Boxing Olympic Team Member, Professional Boxer (2-0)
Uploaded by: Matchroom Boxing, Mar 5, 2022
Matchroom Boxing recognizes the talented Olympic Qualifier out of East Los Angeles for a second fight in conjunction with DAZN.
Uploaded by: Matchroom Boxing, Nov 27, 2021 
Anthony Herrera makes his professional debut with Matchroom Boxing against Jonathan Tejeda on DAZN.
Uploaded by: World Boxing Council, June 16th, 2019
The Elite bout between Anthony Herrera vs. Diego Roldán from Argentina, during the WBC 5th Annual Green Belt Challenge, California, 2019
Uploaded by: Sweet Science Boxing Gym, April 14th, 2019
Olympic hopeful Anthony Herrera stops by Beat the Count to discuss winning the 2019 Western Elite Qualifier at 114lbs, and his path to the 2020 Olympics. 
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